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Blogging is dead: The new OpenAI algorithm for text generation

Blogging is dead. Recently, a new language processing and content generation framework from OpenAI was published. Leveraging the full power of machine learning available today, it’s capable of generating internet content. Texts, blog posts, articles, and even translations. The implications for content writers -and internet content in general- are overwhelming.

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The Internet We Are Building

Facebook is certainly hitting the headlines these days. The huge data leak, its role in the results of the recent US elections, the increasing privacy concerns of its users… It all sums up to a strong feeling of discontent among once devoted fans. However, we can’t blame Facebook alone. In this post, I want to reflect on the internet we are building, and propose a…

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Forget SEO. Write Content Only YOU Can Write

If you are a blogger, chances are SEO has a powerful influence over your writing. In fact, SEO is so ubiquitous in the web these days, most blog articles are all starting to look alike. In this article, I want to encourage you to forget SEO and, instead, focus on writing awesome content only you can write. Articles for $1… Is Writing Dead? I was…

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