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Life In Kuching For Digital Nomads

Before heading back to Europe, we decided to spend our lasts two months in South-East Asia in the city of Kuching. Aptly named “The next Chiang Mai”, this Malaysian hidden gem has been a delightful discovery. This article contains the most complete guide about life in Kuching for digital nomads, based on our experience. Different people have different metrics when evaluating how good -or not- a place…

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Grab or Go-Jek? What’s The Best Taxi App In Southeast Asia?

So why this article? Aren’t apps like Grab or Go-Jek basically like Uber (or your local alternative) in Southeast Asia? Well, yes and no. If you come from Europe or America, your first visit to Southeast Asia will open you the doors of a new universe. Take Europe, for example. Even though Spain, Germany, and France are a completely different countries, they share in fact…

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