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The e-Residency program of Lithuania just launched, but it’s still in its early alpha stage.

Lithuania just launched its e-Residency Program, similar to the Estonian one. Even though it’s still in its early alpha stage, and won’t allow you to do much right now, it’s exciting news. Unlike the Azerbaijani one, the Lithuanian offer has the potential of becoming a serious contender in an expanding market of e-nation services.

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I don’t want my company to be a Unicorn. Here’s why.

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know I have never been a huge fan of the classical startup scene. Recently I stumbled upon a website devoted to Zebras, startups who opt for a different entrepreneurial path. One based on sustainability and long-term profitability as opposed to exponential growth aimed at a big exit. A more respectful model for the consumers, the entrepreneurial ecosystem, and…

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