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Can your business remain in Europe after Brexit thanks to e-Residency? Probably NOT. Here is why.

It happened. Populism, fear, and a highly successful democracy hijacking act on Facebook, targeting vulnerable Brexit swing voters, won, The UK left Europe. Farewell, friends. Still shocked by the turmoil of the Brexit, many British companies started to look for ways to escape the fanaticism of their own politicians. The e-Residency program came to the rescue, promising them a solution to keep their businesses in…

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Escape Brexit: How Opening A Company In Estonia Can Help British Entrepreneurs

With the deadline approaching, and the perspective of a no-deal Brexit quickly becoming a reality, entrepreneurs in the UK are looking for ways to escape Brexit. For some years now, I am an e-Resident of Estonia. I own two businesses in this small baltic country. I didn’t even need to go there to open my first Estonian company, I did everything online. In my case,…

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