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Why losing 130,000€ made me the happiest man alive (Part 2)

Welcome to the second part of the post series “Why losing 130,000€ made me the happiest man alive”! For those of you who missed the first part, in these articles I describe how I amended the biggest mistake of my youth (buying a house). Cue the dramatic intro music… It took him more than a decade, but finally, after working his ass off to have…

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Why losing 130,000€ made me the happiest man alive (Part 1)

Some time ago, I was finally able to get rid of my house and the associated mortgage and account in Spain. I’m a free man now. However, this catharsis has come at a price. Concretely, 130,000€. That’s the money I’ve lost, all things considered, as a result of buying my house in Spain more than 13 years ago. In this blog post series, I want…

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De-tracking your website

There’s a myriad of blog posts, articles, books, videos, and courses devoted to teaching you how to measure your traffic, audience, and conversions through analytics and tracking cookies. Today, I want to propose to you the exact opposite, de-tracking your website (in the absence of a better term). This same page you are reading right now is completely analytics-free. There’s not a single tracking cookie…

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