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De-tracking your website

There’s a myriad of blog posts, articles, books, videos, and courses devoted to teaching you how to measure your traffic, audience, and conversions through analytics and tracking cookies. Today, I want to propose to you the exact opposite, de-tracking your website (in the absence of a better term). This same page you are reading right now is completely analytics-free. There’s not a single tracking cookie…

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I unknowingly built a Holacratic, hierarchy-less business. Here’s why.

Recent events have made me think about the organizational structure of my business. When one discusses organizational schemes within organizations, there seems to be a clear distinction between startups and big corporations. The former are supposed to be flat structures, composed of a handful of members sticking together by virtue of the bonds of friendship and excitement. The latter are highly hierarchical organizations with a…

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Life in Bansko for digital nomads

The COVID-19 pandemic forced us to travel (even more) slowly and stay in Bulgaria for longer than we initially planned. The positive side of this standstill is that it allowed us to know Bulgaria better and live in different places. Apart from Sofia, we have visited Plovdiv, Sozopol, and Burgas, and recently we lived for a while in Bansko. Note: most people writing about Bansko…

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