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Can your business remain in Europe after Brexit thanks to e-Residency? Probably NOT. Here is why.

It happened. Populism, fear, and a highly successful democracy hijacking act on Facebook, targeting vulnerable Brexit swing voters, won, The UK left Europe. Farewell, friends. Still shocked by the turmoil of the Brexit, many British companies started to look for ways to escape the fanaticism of their own politicians. The e-Residency program came to the rescue, promising them a solution to keep their businesses in…

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Unleashing the power of the e-Residency program, and the DigiDoc software

When the media talks about the e-Residency program of Estonia, the aspect that gets all the attention is how it allows location independent entrepreneurs to launch and run an online business without ever visiting Estonia. However, the true power of the digital nation lies in its foundations, namely, in your digital identity, backed by a strong cryptographic background, that you can leverage thanks to tools…

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