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How to prevent internal power structures within your company

I recently arrived in Tallinn to spend here a considerable amount of time. 2021 has been a fantastic year so far (albeit a quite stressful one). The company has grown considerably, and so my team, distributed around the world. The heart of the company, however, is in Tallinn, as couldn’t be otherwise. The Estonian team works at our offices in Technopolis Ülemiste. As a location…

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Challenges of a Remote Working, Flexible Hours Setup

My company was born as a pure, unadulterated remote company. All the team works remotely right now, and it has been like that since I hired my first employee while recovering from a serious infection in Latvia. Since the beginning, also, my employees enjoy flexible working hours. As we are also distributed through different timezones (El Salvador, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Estonia, Ukraine, etc), that means…

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The sleeping generation

I try to avoid reading the news from Spain. Since I left, I have the feeling that my country is at a perpetual standstill. The same political quarrels, the same old arguments, the same stale stories, Isabel Pantoja, Catalonia, Lefts and Rights. Nothing really changes. Today, however, I made an exception, and while having a quick look at the news, one headline called my attention:…

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