Hustlers Villa

Hustlers Villa

There are many co-working spaces around Ubud. However, some of them are overly expensive (like Hubud), and others simply don’t have good WiFi connections, or could benefit from a renovation.

So after a long search, I found this place, Hustlers VIlla. It has the perfect combination of a quiet, focused environment and opportunities for meeting people and do some networking. 

, Hustlers Villa, Micropreneur Life, Micropreneur Life
, Hustlers Villa, Micropreneur Life, Micropreneur Life

The Place

Hustlers Villa is really a co-living space near Ubud, just 10 minutes away by car. They have three small apartments full with bathroom and a desk. That means that you will share your co-living experience with three more people, at most, which seems like a good number to me. 

However, they also have a really good co-working space where you can work regardless of whether you stay there or not. That’s where we’ve been working for the last months, and I love it.

To begin with, it’s a workplace. That means no foosball table, no people going through their Facebook feeds while they comment the last hackernews post out loud… You can really focus and work here. That said, they organize brunches and events during the weekends, enough to satisfy your networking yearnings.

They have an outside area where you can work in front of the pool and also an inside area with air conditioning. I prefer working inside, but have worked outside some days too, and it’s quite enough.

The WiFi connection is also quite good, and that’s not something you can take for granted here in Bali. Plus, the food here is delicious and affordable. For comparison, a Nasi Goreng (the quintessential Indonesian meal) is just 30k rupiah here -about 2€- and tastes delicious.

, Hustlers Villa, Micropreneur Life, Micropreneur Life

Overall, I loved the place, made some good friends here, and some interesting business connections here. I will definitely come again when I get back to Bali.

, Hustlers Villa, Micropreneur Life, Micropreneur Life

Get 12.5% Off

The monthly co-working fee at Hustlers Villa is 1.600.000 rupiah –roughly 100€– which is quite standard. However, if you sign up using the form below, you will get a 12.5% discount. That means access to the co-working space for just 1.400.000 rupiah –around 86€– a month.

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