The Decluttering Project

How -and why- I got rid of my stuff

Some years ago, my partner and I decided to become digital nomads. We had transitioned from employees to entrepreneurs, founding our companies in Estonia, so we were free to manage our businesses completely online.

Becoming nomads was the ultimate step towards a more free, simpler life. However, the most difficult part of the process was getting rid of all our stuff before leaving our house behind.

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Even if you don’t plan on adopting a nomad lifestyle, leading a minimalist existence has many advantages. So, how do you declutter your life? Simple! Just follow these steps.

The Decluttering Project

Make a list of all your belongings...

The Decluttering Project

Understand what you really need

The Decluttering Project

Get rid of the stuff you don't need

The Decluttering Project

Commit to the one-out-one-in rule

It may look like a simple process, but sometimes there are many considerations to take into account, both strategic and emotional. If you want to know more about the one-in-one-out rule or read about my story, download my e-Book below.

Declutter Your Life
Download my e-book

Learn how I got rid of all the clutter in my life, and some tips to help you get started and commit to a minimalist lifestyle.

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