A Bird Soars Above

Today's Daily Haiku is inspired by birds being free without any special effort. They are just free.

A Bird Soars Above

The Daily Haiku for April 3. A bird soars above.

Wings spread wide and far,
unaware of its freedom,
a bird soars above.

A bird is free without knowing or thinking about it. It's just free. It does not need anybody to confirm that fact. No document, license, or permission from the government. There's nobody deciding what it needs to do or not. Only the need to feed, find shelter, and enjoy its life.

It travels the world without a passport, with the only help of its wings and the air currents.

It does not really need a lot to be free. It is free because it's out there on its own. That's the beauty of it.

Makes you think about the meaning of freedom that we discussed yesterday.