A Daily Breakfast

One of the small but super important details that makes my life better after I quit my corporate job is being able to prepare a proper breakfast every day. Why is this so important?

A Daily Breakfast

The Daily Haiku for Mar 3. A Daily Breakfast.

I'd spend hours making
toasts, cottage cheese, fruits, tea, eggs...
A daily breakfast.

Sometimes, the smallest details are the ones that make a difference. One of the things I hated the most about my old job (back when I was an employee, more than ten years ago) is the fact that I could not enjoy a good breakfast.

I would wake up every day at 6, have a shower, dress up, gobble some sugar-loaded cereals and get into my car to rush to the office. I started my day stressed out and eating shit.

But everything changed when I quit my job to became a freelancer first, and an entrepreneur later. Suddenly I was free to set my own schedule. I could start my day in a more relaxed way and eat a proper breakfast.

So every day, when I wake up, the first thing I do is meditate a bit or take a moment to relax and take some deep breaths, and then I go to make breakfast.

The breakfast usually consists of tea (we are quitting coffee), a bowl of 5-6 fruits with nuts, an omelette or boiled eggs (minus the yolk), a toast with light cottage cheese or tomato, and something else such as smoked salmon or fried mushrooms with garlic. Not a light meal!

I spend usually 35-45 minutes preparing breakfast. There's something magical about having time to spend each morning doing just that, especially taking into account that my days are usually stressful. But taking that time to focus on the food only, far from screens and notifications, before entering the frenzy of a CEO's daily journey, helps me get through my day with my sanity intact.

I love doing that every day, and I just hope I can do that for as long as I live.