A Simple Way To Measure Our Days

A Simple Way To Measure Our Days

The Daily Stoic for December 15th, “A Simple Way To Measure Our Days”.

“This is the mark of perfection of character—to spend each day as if it were your last, without frenzy, laziness, or any pretending.”


Perfection is a topic that’s been discussed a lot in the daily stoic. Despite the Instagram society we live in, it’s not only something unrealistic, but it’s not desirable in my view. Imperfection is what makes us human, and it’s certainly beautiful, in music as in life.

A Simple Way To Measure Our Days

However, while stoics had the Platonic ideal to guide them, they were well aware of the fact that it was not something you could realistically achieve, but more of a goal to aspire to.

In a way, they linked that to the concept of living each day as if it was your last one. We talked about that in previous stoics too, as in Carpe Diem. Curiously enough, when stoics questioned this, they didn’t have our idea in mind of parties, orgies and spending all our money… They were talking about reaching 24 hours of Platonic perfection, effortlessly doing the right thing during that period.

I’m honestly not that worried about perfection, not even as an ideal. I don’t believe in objective truths, so that means “perfection” is open to discussion. It may mean something completely different from you. I just try to conduct my life in the most humble, honest way every day if I can… Sometimes it’s one minute, sometimes it’s more, sometimes it’s nothing at all.

Is that enough? Probably not, but then again, this is -hopefully- not my last day on earth.


Today’s Daily Stoic, “A Simple Way To Measure Our Days”, discusses again perfection, and what would we do to live today in perfection of character (ethos) if this was our last 24 hours alive.