The Daily Stoic for November, 20th. “Behold, Now As Ever”.

“If you’ve seen the present, you’ve seen all things, from time immemorial into all of eternity. For everything that happens is related and the same.” —MARCUS AURELIUS, MEDITATIONS, 6.37

As you may know, recently I went back to Spain temporarily to attend the wedding of my parents. They were getting married again as a celebration of life, and I was appointed as the godfather.

Behold, Now As Ever

My feeling was that Spain hadn’t changed a bit. I am referring to the big things and the small details also. The same shows on the television, the same stories on the streets, the same political discussions and topics… Spain was in a standstill, and I couldn’t help but having a constant sense of deja-vu.

We were joking in fact about a famous gipsy singer we have in Spain called “Pantoja”. She’s been living out of gossip magazines since… heck, since before I was born. And there she was, in the gossip programs again talking about this and that… As if it was still 1965

We were talking about how, if Pantoja died, that television channel (Tele5) would hire a Voodoo shaman to raise her from the dead, and inteview her, of course.

In a way, that’s sad, but also relieving in a strange kind of way. Not just because it gives you a centering, calming effect, as today’s stoic discusses, but especially because you are able to appreciate the changes you have made in your life, either good or bad. Every decision you took, and every time you decided to go against the flow.

And that makes you feel alive. Sounds weird doesn’t it?


Today’s Daily Stoic, “Behold, Now As Ever”, discusses how everything remains the same, and essentially things repeat over and over.

I think that’s pretty accurate. And not only it allows you to focus and gain some clarity, it also allows you to see how much you may have changed throughout your decisions… and how fundamentally, you remain the same.

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