The Daily Stoic for November 2nd, “Binding Our Wishes To What Will Be”.

But I haven’t at any time been hindered in my will, nor forced against it. And how is this possible? I have bound up my choice to act with the will of God. God wills that I be sick, such is my will. He wills that I should choose something, so do I. He wills that I reach for something, or something be given to me—I wish for the same. What God doesn’t will, I do not wish for.


No matter how hard we work, how carefully we plan something in advance, or how prepared we are for a situation. Things can go wrong. Unexpected things can happen, and Murphy’s Law warns that they will indeed happen.

Binding Our Wishes To What Will Be

It’s easy to get frustrated when, after such thoughful planning, everything falls apart. But it might happen, and probably will happen to you sooner or later.

I never thought, however, that we should be conformists and just accept whatever “god” brings us. Sometimes you need to fiercly fight for what you want or love, against all odds.

Especially if you are a micropreneur and are trying to create something new, you will face a lot of skepticism. Lots of negative opinions and discouraging comments. Every successful entrepreneur I know has had enough passion, and a slight dose of craziness, to ignore such criticisms and go against the flow. You need to be able say “fuck them, I’m trying it anyway”, accept the consequences and continue with your vision no matter what.

But I think it really helps knowing, before starting something, that things can go awry. That you can fail, regardless of all the effort, the reports and the estimates. I think youth brings you the necessary ignorance and nerve to try the unexpected, but experience and age give you the wisdom to accept failure


So I agree with today’s Daily Stoic, “Binding Our Wishes To What Will Be”. It’s healthy to be aware that things can go wrong anytime, in spite of our efforts to avoid that. 

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