The Decluttering Project: Day 5

The Decluttering Project: Day 5

Welcome back to The Decluttering Project journal. Today, my good old friend Sergio Trujillo visited me. He came home to buy some stuff for him and his current band and help me with my decluttering adventure.

I know Sergio for quite some time now. We had a band together called Nöno, and he has always joined me for Bosques de mi Mente’s shows. He is an amazing violin player, as you can see.

Stuff I sold today

I sold him a lot of stuff, especially musical instruments, as you would expect. The list includes:

  • A Rode NT-1A Studio Microphone
  • A Loop station Boss RC-50
  • A Hall Of Fame Reverb Pedal
  • A TC Electronic Triple Delay Pedal
  • A Compressor Pedal
  • A Casio Keyboard, lots of wires and a lot more stuff for free

I am really glad to know that those instruments and recording studio gear go to Sergio, and will be used to produce awesome music.

Even though I know I have to let go everything, you can’t help but keep at least a small emotional attachment to the feelings that you built with all that stuff. Thus, it’s kind of relieving to know that they go to people you love and respect, that will make the most out of them.

That feeling certainly makes me feel happy. And I think that’s a good thing. Ultimately, I believe our belongings should be there to bring us joy and enrichen our lives. If we don’t use something anymore, but someone else can really benefit from owning it, why not giving it to them?

Stuff I’ve thrown away

Today I got rid of four boxes of CDs. Can you believe it? Four boxes I had completely forgotten about.

Given that I sold my Apple USB Superdrive, it doesn’t make any sense to keep them, right?

Actually, it’s a good thing that I’ve already sold the Superdrive. Some CDs were tagged “Photos” and “Happy Memories” and, for a split second, I felt curiosity. Then I realized that the pics that really matter to me are kept in my iCloud account, broke the CDs (for safety) and put them inside the trashcan.

Then I realized something else. It’s important to keep in touch with the people we love, the ones we really care about because the moments that really matter are those we spend with them, not the ones we store in a dusty box in our lumber room.