A second walk through a now empty park

A second walk through a now empty park

Diary of a digital nomad trapped by the coronavirus pandemic in Sofia, Bulgaria. 19th of March.

Thursday. Today was a bit brighter than yesterday. I woke up early and made breakfast while listening to King Crimson on my headphones to not wake up Miguel. The morning went by quickly, and after lunch, we decided to go for a walk in the park.

Somehow there was a more relaxed vibe. Not a lot of people, many of them were still wearing masks, and of course, most of them kept the security distance, but people looked less worried and stressed. As usual, staying outside under the sun was a huge relief, and the weather was warm and sunny, so I really enjoyed the walk.

We bought some things like bread and fresh vegetables and went back home. After the mandatory ritual of washing hands etc, back to work until our daily “Apocalypse meeting”. I am having a great time with my friends on these video-meetings, and I wonder why we haven’t done them before.

Then time for some exercise with this HomeWorkout app. I did an initial session, but it was too soft for me. It is the default session of the app, and I guess that’s ok for people who don’t work out regularly, but I have been lifting weights for more than 15 years regularly, so I needed something more. I decided to explore the advanced programs and I found one that was quite good. I ended up sweating and feeling super relaxed. I have found out that I really need to exercise regularly. It helps me as much as meditation.

Today there were 13 more cases here in Bulgaria. I was expecting the number to be lower, but still it is a good number. Cases are growing but in a controlled way, so maybe there is still room to contain the virus in the country.

I am sick of reading news about the situation in Spain. It is getting so bad that I am super worried about my parents and my grandma. She is alone, trapped at her home, and feeling lonely. I cannot imagine being alone right now.

I think I will call my father, as today is Father’s Day in Spain.

I hope you are safe wherever you are.