Sofia is a beautiful city... we are just in the wrong area

Sofia is a beautiful city... we are just in the wrong area

Diary of a digital nomad trapped by the coronavirus pandemic in Sofia, Bulgaria. 20th of March.

Friday. One week has passed since the estate of emergency was declared in Bulgaria. Fortunately, cases are not growing exponentially. That means declaring the estate of emergency as soon as the country reached 23 cases was a wise decision. This is a table of the evolution of the situation since the beginning, from the Wikipedia.

These numbers cast some light to the future of the pandemic here, but you never know.

As going out for a walk is not forbidden in any way, it’s safe as long as we keep a distance from other people, and it helps us relieve some of the stress of the situation, today we went on a walk through a part of Sofia we had not explore before, and I realized two things:

  1. Sofia is a beautiful city
  2. Our apartment is in the worst part of the city

Previously, we had only explored the areas nearby and the pedestrian walk, which we thought was the heart of the city. How wrong we were! Yesterday, we discovered the real old town of Sofia, and it is majestic.

The unusually empty Cathedral of St. Alexander Nevsky.

Up until then, Sofia was an ugly city in my eyes. Now, after walking through the wide boulevards, imperial buildings and epic hallmarks of the north-west part, my feelings are completely different. I just regret going out late, as we did not have enough sunlight to see everything in its full glory.

As there was nobody there under the current circumstances, we were able to enjoy an unusual setup, though.

We will try again tomorrow.