I am grateful for so many things...

I am grateful for so many things...

Diary of a digital nomad trapped by the coronavirus pandemic in Sofia, Bulgaria. 22nd of March.

Sunday. The day started with a gray layer of clouds covering the sky and ended up raining in Sofia. It’s been another dull day. I miss going out.

I had some talks with my friends. One of them is trapped in Bangkok, alone. He is sure the number of cases and deaths offered by the Thai government is not even close to the real situation.

That made me realize how lucky I am to be here in Europe. Yes, it is the heart of the pandemic right now, and yes, I read an article today that claimed Asia is better prepared for this type of crisis because of their authoritarian governments and a more submissive and obedient population. Perhaps we are more selfish and spoiled, but that’s the price you have to pay for enjoying individual freedom and democracy.

I am also grateful for being with my partner. I cannot imagine being alone, trapped and isolated. I mean, I would survive I guess, but it would be a lot harder.

So I gave thanks to the Big Spaghetti Monster for being healthy and with my partner, did some exercise, worked a little bit, and prepared dinner.

Not a lot of cases today here in Bulgaria. I hope the situation will improve next week. It would be great if we could start April going for a walk outside or –who knows– even enjoying a coffee or two.

Spain faces its worst period next week, according to the experts. We are worried about our family. Let’s see what next week will bring.