Each The Master Of Their Own Domain

Each The Master Of Their Own Domain

The Daily Stoic for July 18th. “Each The Master Of Their Own Domain”.

“My reasoned choice is as indifferent to the reasoned choice of my neighbor, as to his breath and body. However much we’ve been made for cooperation, the ruling reason in each of us is master of its own affairs. If this weren’t the case, the evil in someone else could become my harm, and God didn’t mean for someone else to control my misfortune.”

Our freedom ends where other people’s freedom begins. This simple notion is easy to say, but hard to truly follow. We love poking our noses into other’s affairs. This happens both at a personal level -family, friends, our beloved ones- as well as at a social level -politics, religion, sports-.

The question within today’s stoic excerpt is: Can we do that?  Yesterday, we were talking about how we shouldn’t get angry or abandon others when we feel like our paths have diverged. Or when our choices have taken us to a different level.

In my view, today’s meditation is exactly the same in reverse. Meaning, respecting others and accepting their decisions.

Each The Master Of Their Own Domain

No matter how much we hate when others tell us what we should do. We eventually do the same ourselves. That’s actually a very human trait, and nothing to be ashamed of. It means we care for others and want the best for them.

I’m absolutely guilty of that. During my whole life. I want to believe that, when acting like that, it’s been motivated by love. But still…

Curiously enough, it’s been becoming a digital nomad what has allowed me to stop interfering in the lives of others. The distance, being away, and taking a completely different path in your life, teaches you to respect the space and decisions of others.

Especially when you travel with your partner, it requires a lot of consideration, and knowing when to be there, close and ready, and when to shut up and leave room for your significant other to be alone and take his own decisions.


Today’s Daily Stoic, “Each The Master Of Their Own Domain”, acts as the reverse of yesterday’s stoic. This time, we are asked to respect the decisions of others, and not try to impose them our own.