Everything Will Be Better.

We all yearn for a better future, and many of us work hard to get there. But how much longing is a tad too much?

Everything Will Be Better.

The Daily Haiku for March 8. Everything will be better.

Let me sleep some more,
everything will be better
tomorrow, you'll see.

It is healthy to yearn for a better future. We work hard for it. We have hopes, dreams, plans. That's totally ok.

But yearning so much, living in the future instead of experiencing the present, that's the problem. Now the one-million dollars question is... How much longing is too much?

It is a difficult question to answer. I guess if our desire for a better future prevents us from enjoying the present, that's when it's too much. But that's quite personal. Sometimes, you can't help but focus on that future you are working so hard to achieve. That's especially true for us, entrepreneurs.

I won't pretend I am immune to this. As much as I know I should focus on the present only as Stoicism claims, I still can't shake that craving off me.