Diary of a digital nomad trapped by the coronavirus pandemic in Sofia, Bulgaria, 4th of April, 2020.

Finally, Saturday… It’s been a super busy week, but today’s been a much more bright and relaxing day, despite the fact that it started with a heavy migraine.

I am not on social media, but my partner is, and today I caught him watching some jokes on Instagram of how people are getting bored confined at their homes to the point of going mad… That concept seemed weird to me. First of all, because I think I am working more than ever, if only to make sure the business survives through this crisis. But also because there so many things I would do if I had time… Reading, writing, coding, playing…

I acknowledge being able to go outside and take a little walk every now and then is a privilege these days. We are lucky to be here.

Finally, we got some masks…

Finally, yesterday we were able to get some masks! These are fabric washable masks, not one of these masks with super powerful filters to get rid of 99.99999% of particles, blablabla, but of course it is better than nothing.

I was going through this site Masks4All, with a video from the Czech Republic affirming how wearing masks have allowed them to tame the (in)famous infection curve. Then I had a look at the numbers and realized they have ten times more cases and 4 times more deaths than Bulgaria. The populations are fairly similar (Czechia has 10 million people and Bulgaria slightly less with 7 million people). So I feel actually even luckier to be here.

It’s easy to see how countries which took the pandemic seriously and took precautions quick fared a lot better. Bulgaria declared the state of emergency with 23 cases. Spain declared it the exact same day. The difference? There were already more than 4200 cases and 120 deaths.

So what’s next?

Today I was thinking a lot about how everything is going to change. It is happening already. In our lives, in our societies… But today I was wondering specially how the crisis is affecting our businesses, and how the business ecosystem is already changing, like a living organism, to survive.

I think I will write my thoughts in a separate post. For now, I hope you are having a good weekend. Stay safe, stay healthy. Put your mask on.

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