Funny How That Works Out

Funny How That Works Out

The Daily Stoic for November 25th, “Funny How That Works Out”.

“As for me, I would choose being sick over living in luxury, for being sick only harms the body, whereas luxury destroys both the body and the soul, causing weakness and incapacity in the body, and lack of control and cowardice in the soul. What’s more, luxury breeds injustice because it also breeds greediness.”


Today’s stoic discusses those stories of people winning the lottery and ending up poorer and more miserable than they were, or how a cancer survivor affirmed than going through it was the best thing that ever happened to them.

But is winning the lottery a curse like today’s stoic affirms? Is surviving cancer the best thing that can happen to you? 

Funny How That Works Out

Well, having had several cases of cancer in my family, I can certainly say it’s not a funny thing. I don’t think nobody’s life becomes better by it. I don’t think you get smarter, wiser or more profound. Best case scenario, you recover with not many aftereffects. Worst case scenario… well…

I also honestly think those lame lottery stories are made up by jealous people. I mean, yeah, there are a lot of guys who will dilapidate such a fortune in a short amount of time. Money does not bring wisdom or financial intelligence.

But I think that’s a generalization. Someone can win the lottery and enjoy a happy, wealthy life for the rest of their days. Why not? Money does not necessarily make you a happy person. A cancer is not always the end, and yes, it can be a new beginning. But stating that so easily really makes no sense to me. 


Today’s Daily Stoic, “Funny How That Works Out”, discusses some (in my opinion) cliche-y stuff such as how people winning the lottery end up miserable, or how cancer survivors cite cancer as the best experience of their lives. I think everything is relative enough to not need such bold statements.