I Still Choose Freedom

The last Daily Haiku devoted to freedom, a statement about choosing freedom over security, and why there's no good or bad choice.

I Still Choose Freedom

The Daily Haiku for April 30. I choose freedom.

Keep your golden cage
and your secure, happy life.
I still choose freedom.

Today's the final day of April, the final day of haikus devoted to freedom. So I decided to close the month with this statement.

I am old enough to know what I want in life. And what I want is no better or worse than what you want. It is just different. "Better" or "Worse" is, as an stoic will tell you, a subjective term that depends on the observer.

Others chose the path of security. A stable life. A happy life, no doubt. I chose freedom some time ago, and I am sticking with my decision. Yours can be different, and that's totally ok.

So that's a wrap for the topic of freedom! Next month is devoted to Music! So the idea is to write a daily haiku inspired by a song, a composer, the lyrics of a tune you love, or the feeling that a piece had on you. Let's get it started!