I Used To Be Free

Living in the past, present, or future? Today's Daily Haiku is devoted to the first group.

I Used To Be Free

The Daily Haiku for April 26. I used to be free.

I used to be free,
watching the world pass by, what...
happened to those days?

Life is change. Sometimes our lives change overnight, and some other times they do so slowly and subtlety that we wake up one day and wonder what has happened to us in the last five years.

There are three types of people. Those who live in the past, the ones who live in the present, and the ones who live in the future.

The first group is the one that always wonders what happened to those good old days. These are the unhappiest ones.

Then we have the people living in the present. They are the hapiest, but it's easy for them to forget where they came from or neglect their future.

Finally, people in the last group are the most anxious. Always waiting for something that may never be.

This Daily Haiku talks about those in the first group. The ones trapped by the nostalgia of their past lives.