Ignorance Is Bliss

A Daily Haiku inspired in the concept of ignorance as a positive way of reaching freedom from all those things that take so much time and energy from us.

Ignorance Is Bliss

The Daily Haiku for April 20. Ignorance is bliss.

Don't care anymore...
Politics, arguments, hate.
Ignorance is bliss.

Last weekend I went back to my home town to go to my best friend's wedding. I took the opportunity to pay my parents a post-easter visit.

The wedding was great, and I was able to reconnect with my old friends. I also enjoyed spending quality time with my parents. I missed them. I even had the chance of meeting one of my aunts I didn't know yet.

However, everywhere I went, time seemed to have stopped when I left Spain. Everyone I talked to was mentioning the same topics over and over again. Politics, right and left, Catalonia, blablabla, immigration, blablabla, unemployment, blablabla, cost of living, blablabla, this, that...

The same old arguments, the same old hate, the same old excuses for not changing anything. People seemed stuck in the same topics. Some time after I became a digital nomad, I started to let go all these things that were once so important. Nowadays I couldn't care less about them.

And that makes me more free. I am able to focus my time on stuff that matters. On creating new stuff, growing my business, composing, writing, making new stuff, as opposed to being always concerned and grumpy for things that, honestly, are not so important.

So ignorance is bliss, and freedom too. How much time are you spending in all those things, instead of enjoying it or using it to do something positive with your life?