Imagine There's No Heaven

The Daily Haiku for May 5, inspired by one of the most famous songs ever written by John Lennon.

Imagine There's No Heaven

The Daily Haiku for May 5. Imagine there's no heaven.

No sins or evil.
Imagine there's no heaven.
No need for more hate.

I am one of those dreamers John Lennon mentions in "Imagine". I think the world will be a better place without countries and, especially, religions.

Now, if you are religious, you will probably disagree with me. You may argue that your church is doing great things and helping people in need. But I would argue that it has brought more pain, death, wars, and suffering that good things to the world. I am talking about all religions here, but specially the monotheistic ones.

Even today, we have fanatics stabbing a writer because they've been told a book he wrote insulted islam. Or people using their children to spread hate messages like "God hate fags". Those are just the extreme cases, agreed, but religion is always there opposing new ideas, equal rights for women or LGBTQ people... No thanks, yours is not a god of love, and I don't think the world needs your religion at all. There are non-religious NGOs doing good stuff too.

I think we also don't need religion anymore. We live in the XXI century. We know why the sun appears in the sky and hides hours later, and we know there's not bearded man behind the clouds. We just need to get over our fear of dying, which is probably the single reason why religions still exist, and accept that there is nothing waiting for us.

No paradise, no heaven, no magical place. It may sound scary. To me, it's just how it should be. That makes me appreciate more the time I've been granted here.