In A Global World

The world is becoming more global, and I want to believe, more equal, and I strongly believe that's the right direction.

In A Global World

The Daily Haiku for March 10. In a global world.

In a global world,
colors and flags disappear,
we are all the same.

Today I was in a coworking space in Cascais, Portugal. It is kind of a hidden coworking, so there wasn't a lot of people there. It was a small but international gang. There was one young girl with an amazing project, one entrepreneur from the UK, and Miguel and I from Spain.

Talking to this girl, she described how globalization has helped her to break with the limitations she faced as a color woman. She has a business that is starting to grow, and is able to travel the world. All she needs is her laptop, her time, and her passion.

And I love these stories because it goes to show that technology and globalization have a bright side, which is making it easier for everybody to have access to the same opportunities. I am a strong supporter of that idea, and Companio, my business, is trying to push in that direction, empowering people to launch and run their business regardless of their background or where they were born.

And I like to see this as the beginning of a wider and more significative movement. One that strives to remove the walls between us and embrace the fact that we are all the same and should have the same opportunities, regardless of who we are.