Is It Still Worth It?

Today's Daily Haiku is a reflection on how content-generation AI algorithms may mean the beginning of the end of human creativity.

Is It Still Worth It?

The Daily Haiku for April 8. Is it still worth it?

Is it still worth it?
After all that's happening.
Creativity's End.

As you know, I'm writing a Daily Haiku every day. I asked ChatGPT to generate one, and the results were amazing. That made me wonder... does it make sense for me, or anybody else, to keep on writing haikus? One every day?

AI has changed everything. With the release of ChatGPT and other tools to create images, scripts, books, videos, and all kind of multimedia content, it is easy for creators to start wondering if creating content is still worth it.

I am a blogger and writer, but I am also a geek. I have tried ChatGPT and I love it. I use it for everything, for work, for writing messages and emails, for checking the compliance of legal documents, for calculating financial information. And this is just one of the available AI platforms out there.

There are tools to detect if content has been written by these AI algorithms, but to be honest, they are not very good. I just checked with one of my previous Haikus (that I write in its entirety) and the tool detected some paragraphs as Chat-GPT generated. Some of my posts even got a percentage above 50%, which indicates they are mostly machine-generated.

One ChatGPT detection algorithm identifying parts I've written as ChatGPT-generated.

That makes sense. ChatGPT and other AI algorithms are becoming so good at what they do, that they are mostly indistinguishable from human content. And this is only the beginning, we are in the early stages.

In 5, 10 years time, books, paintings, essays, movies, and poetry, will all be AI-generated.

The interesting question then is... what's left for us? Will we live trapped inside our phones, on social media and infotainment sites, consuming content that's been generated by an algorithm? And most importantly, as AI algorithms cannot (yet) create something new, but merely refurbish things that were there... Will innovation and creativity stop?

It's easy to think that there will still be people generating content "the old-fashioned way". But if generations of people learn that in order to create a painting, song (or symphony), book, or even a movie, all they need to do is to describe it to a piece of software, we will stop learning to draw, paint, write, act... We will forget how to do these things as we forgot how to hunt without firearms.