Let Virtue Shine Bright

Let Virtue Shine Bright

The Daily Stoic for October 1st, “Let Virtue Shine Bright”.

“Does the light of a lamp shine and keep its glow until its fuel is spent? Why shouldn’t your truth, justice, and self-control shine until you are extinguished?”


We enter the autumnal October with the Daily Stoic section devoted to Virtue and Kindness.

Today’s stoic discusses a very poetic concept. The representation of life, virtue, and goodness as a light that shines inside of us.

Let Virtue Shine Bright

I find the metaphor of a lamp shinning quite appropriate, both as a representation of life, and as an image of our inner light or virtue.

We all go through good and bad times. Sometimes our light shines like a roaring flame, while others it’s almost a tiny spark, surrounded by darkness.

I want to believe that I have left behind a period of darkness with the recents events that have affected my health. I want to get over that, and let my flame shine brightly again. And I know it takes time, but I am ready for it. I’m really looking forward to it, and taking small steps every day.

For me, the lesson learned is (and it’s a very stoic lesson in my view): There are bright and dark moments. Shit will happen. One day you will be enjoying life unadvertedly, and the next moment you’ll find yourself at a hospital, wondering where will you be tomorrow.

But eventually, no matter how tiny and imperceptible your light shines, eventually you will recover. Your light will start shinning again, shy and weak at first, but stronger as days goes by. Stoicism teaches us that, no matter how you look at it -as a representation of virtue or of life itself- it’s just a matter of giving it time and focusing on the little steps you can take today.


Today’s Daily Stoic, “Let Virtue Shine Bright”, uses a very appropriate metaphor of life, and virtue, as a flame or inner light. Sometimes it shines powerful and unashamed. Other times, it’s merely a small spark. But that’s how it’s supposed to be. Just give it time, and enjoy the one you are granted today.