Machines Learn And Grow

Today's Daily Haiku reflects on the impact of AI algorithms and tools such as ChatGPT in our future.

Machines Learn And Grow

The Daily Haiku for March 29. Machines learn and grow.

Machines learn and grow,
new opportunities rise,
humans find their way

This haiku touches on the idea that automation and AI are rapidly advancing, and there may be fewer tasks that only humans can perform in the future. However, it also suggests that new opportunities and challenges will arise, providing space for humans to find their place in a world shaped by automation.

In my company, we have an eye on ChatGPT, the new OpenAI creation everybody's talking about. We have tried it extensively, and we are both excited and freaked out. To say that there is a lot of stuff it can do is an understatement.

Years ago, I talked about ChatGPT-2, and how it was the beinning of the end for blogging. I think few people can doubt that it is the end of a lot of stuff, not just blogging. More specifically, it is the end of all that stuff as we knew it.

This is only the beginning. A lot of things will change. A lot of works will become obsolete, and new opportunities and professions will appear. People will have to adapt, and quick. I can only compare this with the first industrial revolution. In the age of cars, you can no longer cling to horse-drawn carriages. This is a new industrial revolution, and you need to start reacting today.

Businesses that don't adapt will disappear, and employees whose jobs can easily be automated will become redundant. It's as simple.

However, the advent of AI tools such as ChatGPT does not imply the catastrophic future some people are depicting. We will have to adapt.

Overall, this haiku presents a hopeful vision of the future, one in which humans and machines can work together to create a better world. It acknowledges the challenges of automation, but also sees the potential for a more equitable and fulfilling future for all.