Never To Come Back

A Daily Haiku based on the concept that once we take the decision to change our life, once we fly... We will never come back, not at least the same way.

Never To Come Back

The Daily Haiku for March 30. Never To Come Back.

Wings beat with the wind,
birds take flight towards the sunrise.
Never to come back.

One of the things that scares us most about changes is "not being able to come back". If we do this, or say that, and it goes wrong, would we be able to "come back"?

Classic examples include not asking a friend for a date, fearing that the friendship will be broken forever if we get rejected or not daring to change our professional career for fear of not being successful and not being able of going back to our old job.

All those fears have something in common. The attachment to that person of the past (or the present). From the moment we take a decision, we are a different person. We have asked someone out, so we no longer will live wondering if she or he would say yes or no. Or we have taken a brave step and changed our profession, and we are no longer trapped by that job we hated.

Whatever happens, good or bad, most probably you can still be friends, or can get back to your old job, or get a new one in your old area of expertise. Probably even better paid. It's our own mind who always gets back to the worst-case scenario.

This is a survival mechanism. Change and the unknow is scary because certainty and knowledge of our surroundings guaranteed our survival a long time ago.

However, that's not the case anymore. And regardless of whether you succeed or not, change is good in itself. You may be able to "come back", but you will never be the same person. You have tried now, and that's something. Whatever happens, you took the wheel.

And if everything goes wrong, just do something different. Like the birds flying to a new place, they will never come back, because even if they do, they won't be the same birds again.