Paths Yet To Be Tread

A daily haiku about the destiny, and the paths yet to be tread...

Paths Yet To Be Tread

The Daily Haiku for March 27. Paths Yet To Be Tread.

Unknown destiny...
Unfolding with each moment.
Paths yet to be tread.

Do you believe in destiny? I don't. Destiny is the idea that something is bound to happen. But that will imply that there is a "superior" force or entity out there who has either determined our destiny beforehand or controls us like puppets by pulling the strings.

What we call destiny is just the intersection between each one of our small actions and decisions and everything that is happening around us. It's not determined, it's not predictable, and it's constantly changing.

That's the exciting, but also scary thing about it. Nobody knows what's going to happen. And yet here they are, facing every little challenge. Walking every little step of the path.