Pyramid sketches

A Daily Haiku based on a memory from my childhood. Drawing eyed-pyramids when I got bored at school.

Pyramid sketches

The Daily Haiku for Feb 15. Pyramid sketches.

Pyramid sketches,
mornings lost on my notebooks,
teachers read aloud.

Today's Daily Haiku is inspired by a memory of my childhood, without any intention of being anything more than that... just a random memory.

When I was a kid, and I was in primary school, I usually got bored during the classes. On those occasions, I would kill boredom by sketching stuff on my notebook. For some reason, most of the times, I would draw pyramids with a big eye inside. Sometimes these pyramids will be sitting on a desert, looking at each other (with their only eye). some other times they were flying (with a rocket-like fire emerging from the base of the pyramid).

I don't know why I had such a fixation with eyed-pyramids, perhaps I got the inspiration from US dollar bills (I used to collect bills when I was young). I wish I could see one of those notebooks now.