Silence Is Strength

Silence Is Strength

The Daily Stoic for August 5th, “Silence Is Strength”.

“Silence is a lesson learned from the many sufferings of life.”

Today’s stoic focuses on exactly the same topic discussed on the Stoic from the 22nd of February, “What’s Better Left Unsaid”. So similarly to what I did with yesterday’s stoic, as I’ve been actively trying to apply this teaching, I will like to discuss the results.

Silence Is Strength

Since I wrote that other stoic, I have tried to listen more and talk less in all my conversations. With friends, family, at work…

I have to say it’s been quite positive.

At a personal level, I have discovered that, by staying quiet and letting others talk more, I get to know them better, and better understand their problems. Sometimes you find someone who does not want to talk much, or conversely, someone who just needs to let go a lot of stuff that’s inside them. Listening, and watching the non-verbal communication, really teaches you a lot of what’s on their minds.

Similarly, at work, listening more and talking less has allowed me to be more aware of problems or things that were going wrong. Feedback is one of the most important elements when starting a business, but you need to actively listen to this feedback. Listen to your customers, users, early adopters… Talk less and let them elaborate. That’s the whole point, and it will allow you to improve your product or your business.


Today’s Daily Stoic, “Silence Is Strength”, insists on one of the topics discussed by the end of February. Silence is golden. Since I wrote that daily stoic, I have been practicing this teaching. In this short post, I wanted to share my feelings and how it has made a difference for me with all of you.