Spread The Word

Spread The Word

The Daily Stoic for October 16th, “Spread The Word”.

“Some people with exceptional minds quickly grasp virtue, or produce it within themselves. But other dim and lazy types, hindered by bad habits, must have their rusty souls constantly scrubbed down. . . . The weaker sorts will be helped and lifted from their bad opinions if we put them in the care of philosophy’s principles.” —SENECA, MORAL LETTERS, 95.36–37

Today’s Daily Stoic asks us to literally “spread the word” about stoicism and help others with our acts and our example.

Spread The Word

In my twenties, I was a vegetarian, for around six or seven years. I recently wrote how I disliked the current vegan scene for disregarding or mocking meat eaters. It’s actually quite the opposite of what I believe it’s right.

When I was a vegetarian, I never insulted, mocked or insulted people who ate meat. I obviously disliked what they did, and I thought the right thing was not eating animals. But I never proselytized or tried to prevent others from eating meat. Why? Because I knew that was my personal choice, and a choice motivated by certain experiences from my life. I was nobody to tell others how to live their lives, what to eat or how to behave.

That’s exactly my take on Stoicism. First of all, I don’t even thing Stoicism is a silver bullet. For me, it’s a very useful philosphy, and a invaluable tool for so many things, but I would never ask others to become stoics or follow Stoicism.

That may seem strange given that I write about Stoicism every day, but there’s a difference between writing and sharing my experiences -without actually expecting anyone to read my posts- and actively asking others to solve their problems with Stoicism.

If asked about it, I will definitely recommend it, though. But just because it has helped me in uncountable occasions. If you want to know more, just ask, and I’ll be glad to spread the word.


Today’s Daily Stoic, “Spread The Word”, ask us to use Stoicism to help others. I’ve always disliked proselytism, and I think it’s always better to share and show than to lecture others.