Sun On Your Bedside Table

The Daily Haiku of the day is based on an old memory of a night lamp (shaped like a sun) I would use as a little child to dispel the darkness of the night.

Sun On Your Bedside Table

The Daily Haiku for Feb 22. Sun on your bedside table.

Child, dream peacefully,
sun on your bedside table,
dispels the dark night.

When I was very little, I had a spherical table lamp by my bed. I called it "The sun". I used to have night terrors frequently during my childhood. Sometimes, when I was scared or had a bad dream, I would ask my father to leave "the sun up and shinning" so it would dispel the night ghosts.

Of course, when we grow, we rely on different lamps to light our way and expel the dark clouds and spirits around us. But that's a different story for a different time.