Take Charge And End Your Troubles

Take Charge And End Your Troubles

The Daily Stoic for August 13th, “Take Charge And End Your Troubles”.

 “You’ve endured countless troubles—all from not letting your ruling reason do the work it was made for—enough already!”


My mother is a wise woman. Every time I’ve found myself in trouble, stressed or overwhelmed, her advice has always helped me: “stop worrying about it, and start working on it“.

That sentence has always been a call to action that has allowed me to unblock the problematic situation by dealing with it.

Take Charge And End Your Troubles

Stoicism is all about finding inner peace for me. My life as a micropreneur is quite exciting these days, as my business is starting to gain traction… But also quite stressful

There are lots of new challenges when your business is starting to grow. New problems appear every day, new situations you had not predicted.

Today’s stoic meditation suggests a healthy mix of prevention and action to avoid trouble. 

And while the first one is more difficult to achieve in such an uncertain environment as a business, the second one is quite important. Instead of worrying and allowing our fears to paralyze us, we need to do our best to try and work things out.

Of course, that’s easier said than done, and I still struggle with these kinds of situations myself. But I am getting better :).


Today’s Daily Stoic, “Take Charge And End Your Troubles”, discusses how we should stop being paralyzed by our fears and, instead take action to solve any challenges that may be stressing us.