That Dusty Car

Today's Daily Haiku is inspired by our daily trips to school and back home, usually taking up to two hours a day. Sometimes dull, sometimes quite enjoyable, listening to our mom's old tapes.

That Dusty Car

The Daily Haiku for Feb 17. That dusty car.

On the winding road,
singing the same old records,
in that dusty car.

As I mentioned in a previous Daily Haiku, my childhood was spent between different cities, as we moved frequently from one house to the other.

Changing schools was not so easy though, so many times we moved to a new city that was far from our current school. Going there every day and back could take us almost two hours every day.

I specially remember traveling from Mazarrón to Cartagena and back through the winding and tortuous road that circled the mountain. My mother used to play the same old rock cassette tapes my sister and I had heard for ages.

Those trips were sometimes dull and boring, some other times exciting. Now that I see them with the eyes of an adult, they were a testimony to the tenacity of my parents, who had little resources and could not afford to buy a house, but still managed to make it enjoyable for my sister and I.