The Altar Of No Difference

The Altar Of No Difference

The Daily Stoic of November 26th, “The Altar Of No Difference”.

“We are like many pellets of incense falling on the same altar. Some collapse sooner, others later, but it makes no difference.”


“What’s the difference between you and the richest person in the world? One has a little more money than the other”. 

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  • Yes, this is Mr. Overly Simplistic, I want my career back. 

The Altar Of No Difference

Well, it’s true that in the end, all of our money, belongings, the big house, the luxury car, all that won’t matter.

And it’s also true that we don’t need to be rich to be happier. Even if money helps, in my opinion. We need some money to have our basic needs covered, but we don’t really need to live in a mansion.

However, money makes a difference. I mean, I completely understand the spirit of the stoic here. I understand what the author is trying to tell me. And I agree, yes. Being obsessed with what others have, or being jealous of the success or happiness of others is a recipe for disaster.

But I think that a little ambition is not bad at all. Not because we want to have a better car -better than our neighbor- or a better house. Not because we want to earn more money than they do… But just because we want to achieve big things, launch a successful business, create a big opus.

Not just because we want to drive the 2018 luxury BMW model while our neighbor has to stick with his 2017 one… but for ourselves.


Today’s Daily Stoic, “The Altar Of No Difference”, discusses comparing our lives, properties or money in our accounts with others’. While this is true, in my view a little opinion is healthy, not as a comparison rule, but as a personal life goal.