A Daily Haiku inspired by one of the most beautiful memories I have from my childhood, Mazarrón in winter, the clouds piled up like mountains and the grey ocean.


The Daily Haiku. Feb 6. Mazarrón.

Mazarrón, winter,
Cloud mountains merge with the sea,
endless grey and blue.

One of the most beautiful memories I have from my childhood is Mazarrón during winter. It's a village by the sea. During summer it's packed with tourists, there is a lot of activity, and the climate is steamy hot.

However, winter was always my favorite season when I lived there. All the tourists were gone, and during cloudy days (it does not really rain a lot there, but there used to be storms from time to time), the clouds would pile up like mountains and merge with the sea into indistinguishable layers of gray and light blue.

I had a vivid memory of that grey sea during a storm, all covered in blue and grey, the strong wind, and the drops of water splashing from the ocean. Summer may be the favorite season for most people, but I couldn't get enough of those cloudy winter days by the sea.