Lost in thoughts

Today I went on a hike with a local LGBTQ hiking group here in Lisbon, and being unable to focus in the conversation or the nature in front of me inspired this haiku.

Lost in thoughts
Photo by Martino Pietropoli / Unsplash

The Daily Haiku for Jan 15. Lost in thoughts.

Among trees and birds,
lost in my thoughts, while talking
Together, alone

Today I went for a long hike with an LGBTQ group here in Lisbon. It was a beautiful hike through the north-western part of Cascais, following a forest path.

Usually nature has a chilling effect on me. It allows my mind to calm down and relax. Not this time. My mind was full with thoughts, and though I enjoyed the conversation and meeting new people, I found myself distracted again and again, incapable of following most conversations.

I think I'd love to experience that path (and others) alone. That would maybe allow me to focus on the present, breathe, and just let those thoughts pass mindfulnessly.