Feelings come and go

Today's Daily Haiku is inspired by the disctinction between temporary emotions and how we "feel", as commonly mentioned in Stoicism or Bhuddism.

Feelings come and go

The Daily Haiku for Jan 21. Feelings come and go.

Feelings come and go,
Raging storm or gentle breeze,
our roots are stronger

Today's Daily Haiku is inspired by both Stoicism and Bhuddism. It is easy to confuse a temporary feeling with a permanent status.

Happiness in Spanish is translated to "Felicidad", so you say "soy feliz" to indicate that you are happy. But the meaning of "Felicidad" in Spanish is subtlety different from happiness. You rarely say "Estoy feliz" (I am happy now), but more like "Soy feliz" (I am happy in general). To indicate just a momentary emotion, you say something like "Estoy contento", which means something more temporary, perhaps a reaction to a positive event or a gift.

This difference is important. It's impossible to escape from negative emotions or situations. Shit will happen. It is our reaction to all these small things that build up to make us who we are. Like a tree, the leaves and even branches may be shaken by a storm or gently touched by the breeze, but the roots are what connects us with earth. I hope that didn't sound too guruish ;).