Small decisions

Today's Daily Haiku is devoted to the small decisions we take every day which, I argue, make us who we are.

Small decisions

The Daily Haiku for Jan 28. Small decisions.

Small decisions
we take without noticing
make us who we are.

We tend to see the world in terms of big events. The multi-million exits, the finish line, the best-selling launch, quitting your job, taking a flight.

But it is indeed the sum of the small decisions we take every day that decide who we are, and who we will become in the future. Crossing the finish line is only the result of every little step you took before. And any of those is probably as important as the rest.

Even though it may seem there are decisions in your life that change everything, I dare to say that those decisions are not taken out of the blue. They get preceded by a myriad of small decisions that make them possible.

So every decision counts. Let's make the right ones :).