This ain't no forest

Today's Daily Haiku. A depiction of a city as a forest of asfalt, concrete, and cement.

This ain't no forest

The Daily Haiku for Jan 29. This ain't no forest.

Changing birds of light,
Concrete trees, asfalt rivers,
This ain't no forest.

I had the feeling I was being too phylosophycal lately in the Daily Haiku, and haikus are supposed to also be visual and poetic in nature. So I decided to take a more descriptive approach today.

I didn't want to go for a stereotypical haiku about flowers and all of that (I explored that already at the beginning of January). So I decided to depict a city as a forest of concrete trees, asfalt rivers, and birds of light.

Sometimes you don't need to say anything deep or important - or maybe there is more than meets the eye in this forest metaphore?. Anyway, art doesn't need to convey a message. For example, I love minimalist and instrumental music precisely because, being mostly devoid of political or social commentary (there are exceptions such as "Different Trains"), I can focus on just appreciating the composition.