I won't open them

Today's Daily Haiku reflects on how business and startup owners find it hard sometimes to stop and let go things, but how important it is to try.

I won't open them

The Daily Haiku for Jan 30. I won't open them.

I close my eyes, may
shooting stars rain down on me,
I won't open them.

To say it's been a tiresome day would be an understatement. If you run a business, you could be working 24 hours a day. That means it is not easy sometimes to stop and create the space you need to separate your work from the rest of your life.

Often times, we need to learn to say "Enough" and let things be. I talked about saying "No" in the past, but in the context of not taking new work or not being involved in new projects as a freelancer (which for me was hard enough to do :).

This is a different type of detachment. It means learning to let go, to leave space for your life, and to enjoy your free time. And you should be purposely doing it. It is one thousand times more difficult than saying "No" to new things as a freelancer. I'm still working on it.

For now, I will close my eyes, and won't open them regardless of what happens out there.

Nighty. 🌌