A day with no words

The last Daily Haiku of January explores raw emotion. Tomorrow I will start a month with haikus devoted to childhood. Hope you will enjoy it.

A day with no words

The Daily Haiku for Jan 31. A day with no words.

A day with no words,
trembling, shaking, quivering,
A day of silence.

For today's Daily Haiku I wanted to experiment with transmitting raw emotions. Specifically, this haiku is inspired by these days when the world just shouts around you, and you are left behind trembling, incapable of moving. Those days that look like empty pages you can't seem to fill in.

January's come to an end, and I have explored 31 haikus with different styles this month. The first month was expected to be a testbed. Now that I have walked my first baby steps, I'd like to devote one month from now on to a specific type of Haiku. Kind of a "concept" for the haikus of the whole month.

So February is going to be devoted to childhood, and everything that has to do with it: memories, family, old places, smells, colors, sounds... Seems like an exciting and nostalgic way to start.

See you next month!