The Decluttering Project: Day 2

The Decluttering Project: Day 2

Hello! This is the second-day report for The Decluttering Project.

Apparently, my online efforts were fruitful, because I have managed to sell quite a lot of stuff, including:

  • A trackpad and a keyboard from Apple
  • The MOTU Ultralite Sound Card
  • A podcast microphone
  • A MicroKorg Red XL keyboard
  • An Oxygen 49 MIDI keyboard
  • Some wires and cables
  • Two bikes

Besides, I got rid today of one of my favorite T-shirts. Why? It was dirty, I mean, it had some tomato sauce stains that won’t go away, and also a small hole! All in all, while I loved that shirt, it only cost me 3€ at Primark, so… I can definitely get a brand new T-Shirt anytime.

So, things are progressing kind of fast. While I don’t feel as scared as I was the first day, I can’t help but cringe a little when I see the empty spots where some of my things used to be.

Will keep you posted.