The End Of Childhood

The last Daily Haiku of February, the last one devoted to childhood, aptly narrates the end of infancy and the beginning of adulthood.

The End Of Childhood

The Daily Haiku for Feb 28. The end of childhood.

Reason, sex, choice, love,
traffic jams, work, screens, and dust,
the end of childhood.

February's come to an end, and with it, the Daily Haiku month devoted to childhood. Growing up may seem like a terrible thing to do, and aging is usually seen as scary. Our societies celebrate youth and desperately try to run away from eld.

But growing up is also a beautiful process. We become independent, and free to choose our own path, love and had sex, develop and mature. Growing old also means being wiser and knowing what we want and what we don't in life. It means being the ones at the steering wheel.

As this month was devoted to the past, it makes sense to devote next month to the future. March will be all around changes we would love to see in our world or in ourselves. It does not needs to be something achievable or even realistic, just wishes, concerns, desires, and hopes for the future.