The Fountain Of Goodness

The Fountain Of Goodness

The Daily Stoic for October 24th, “The Fountain Of Goodness”.

“Dig deep within yourself, for there is a fountain of goodness ever ready to flow if you will keep digging.”


Goodness isn’t something that is delivered by email. It won’t get to your inbox, your WhatsApp chat list or your facebook feed. It’s something you need to find yourself.


The Fountain Of Goodness

My grandpa used to say “The best lottery is hard work. It will give you money faster”. I think something similar could be said about happiness and goodness. The best way of finding it is helping create it bit by bit every single day.

It’s in how we react to things every day. Our words, and the things we do. I have talked before about how good deeds are, in my opinion, contagious. Not only they help you feel better, but help those around you feel better.

During more than nine months, the daily stoic has encouraged me to be a better person, to take it easier day by day. And I’ve been an absolute asshole. I’ve been a bad-tempered driver, a Twitter troll and a choleric person in general. I still am, of course, and keep on doing mistakes every day.

But what stoicism has given me is a tool to realize that the way of feeling better with ourselves and -by extension- the rest of the world is inside of us. It’s how we look at things, and how we decide to react at things.

If you have been going through my daily stoic posts, you know I’ve been quite skeptical about this -and lots of other things :)- but yes. The world around us looks differently depending on the glass we use to look at it.


I have to agree with today’s Daily Stoic, “The Fountain Of Goodness”. It’s ultimately us who decide how to look at the world around us. How to react to things. Obviously, there are still bad days, shitty situations and all. But our way of going through them is final to how we live those moments.