The End Of The Iron Curtain

Today's Daily Haiku is inspired by one of my few childhood memories, the fall of Berlin's Wall.

The End Of The Iron Curtain

The Daily Haiku for Feb 12. The end of the Iron Curtain.

The Berlin wall falls
while I look through the window,
shaking the whole world.

One of the mew memories of my childhood is the fall of Berlin's wall. I was 9, and I was at school. My mother was the teacher. I can't recall how she got the news, but suddenly she stopped the class and said: "The Berlin Wall has fallen, and the USSR has collapsed".

I remember looking through the window, and thinking to myself "Wow, this is an historical moment, it's like... everything's going to change". I don't know how, but somehow at nine I was already pretty aware of the significance of that event.

I looked around me, but I got the feeling that the others kid were not really shocked by the news, so I thought that they may not have understood how relevant that moment was.