The Most Valuable Asset

The Most Valuable Asset

The Daily Stoic for October 2nd, “The Most Valuable Asset”.

“But the wise person can lose nothing. Such a person has everything stored up for themselves, leaving nothing to Fortune, their own goods are held firm, bound in virtue, which requires nothing from chance, and therefore can’t be either increased or diminished.”


Today’s stoic deserves a comment on the argument of the author. It divides people depending on what they invest their money and time in.

“Some people put their money in assets—stocks, bonds, property. Others invest in relationships or accomplishments, knowing that they can draw on these things just as easily as others can draw funds from a bank account. But a third type, Seneca says, invests in themselves—in being a good and wise person…”

Obviously, the third type is the one that receives praise from the author. My opinion?

The Most Valuable Asset

I think this is a overly simplistic view and, honestly, I find it kind of childish. It’s true that it’s important to invest in ourselves. In education, reading, thinking, meditating, and growing as a person. But the other areas are important too.

For starters, Seneca cannot be used as an example of anything. He was probably the richest person of his time. He had a very biased opinion on money, wealth and standards of living. 

You need to invest in your business, and in your assets. Money does not bring happiness directly, but helps getting it. Not having money can mean being miserable or, even worse, not being able to afford proper healthcare. So it’s not only necessary, but can make your life better. Denying that is simply hipocresy.

You also need to invest in your relationships. Lonely people are less happy and live shorter, more miserable lives. It’s that simple.

So don’t limit yourself. Groom all the aspects of your life. You ned to be wise and good, yes, but also grow your assets and share your life with others. Money and people are important for happiness. So don’t deny what’s outside while you enrichen what’s inside.


Today’s Daily Stoic, “The Most Valuable Asset”, offers an overly simplistic view on what we need to invest in, life-wise. We need to be good and wise people, yes, but also invest in our assets, take care of our relationships and be happy.