The Seventh Door

The last installment of the Daily Haiku mini-series devoted to freedom through entrepreneurship and inspired by the Moody Blues song "House of Four Doors".

The Seventh Door

The Daily Haiku for April 16. The Seventh Door.

And through the last door,
Our destination awaits.
Finally, I'm home.

This is the seventh and last installment of the mini-series of Daily-Haikus devoted to freedom through entrepreneurship, inspired by the song "House of Four Doors" by The Moody Blues.

Every entrepreneur aspires to the exit, the freedom. Perhaps a destination of your whole journey, perhaps a milestone to recharge your batteries and try again. Usually depicted as an isolated and discrete event, without mentioning the long and commonly hard journey that takes you there.

With this mini-series, I wanted to pay homage to that forgotten journey, that is more important than the destination itself. How did you like it?